Mark Granger

In July 1980 Mark followed in his fathers’ footsteps and joined the REME. In 1990 he transferred to the RAOC before being rebadged again in 1992 into the RLC.

Mark left the Army in 1994 after serving 14 years in BAOR and the UK.

After leaving the Army Mark took on many roles including fire extinguisher servicing, fire safety trainer and fire risk assessor, before getting behind the wheel and becoming an HGV driver, spending time driving around Europe and the UK. In 2017 he suffered a work-related injury which caused him to finish HGV driving. Since then Mark has been volunteering in the Samaritans Charity shop in Sheffield, which he still does today.

He has been involved with the MCVC since 2013, where he can be seen attending various shows and events with the Outreach Trailer and Gazebo looking after a team of volunteers. Mark also attends the Friday drop in and can be regularly seen with his camera, photographing the events and special occasions for the MCVC.

In 2015 he helped to start the MCVC Breakfast Club, which, along with his enthusiasm is going from strength to strength.

In his spare time Mark enjoys spending time with his partner Sharon Lee, photography, visiting classic vehicle shows and building 1/24thscale model vehicles.