Andrew Ball

Having grown up in Portsmouth it seemed inevitable that I would my father and join the Navy, however, the Army provided a stronger draw. In Mar 1980 I travelled to Sutton Coldfield for the first stage of my 15 years military service. Having spent over 10years in various locations in BAOR with units belonging to Household Division, Logistics, Medical, RA and Divisional HQ and the remainder around the UK, I always sought tropical postings but sadly the Manning Office thought otherwise. I left in 1995 and settled with a ‘local’ girl in South Yorkshire.

I spent the first few years testing ‘civi-street’ and finding my place in it before getting into IT and extending this into Project Management. Being a ‘people’ person programming held little excitement for me so falling back on 15years in the RAPC/AGC I focussed on the Control aspects of projects, Governance, Planning and Risks, helping Project Managers deliver key programmes around the UK. I now work as an Interim Business Consultant, sharing my view and persuading others of a better way of doing things.

I live in Bramley with Ann my wife, a retired Police Officer and now Criminal Analyst with South Yorkshire Police and have 20 years old Twins. My son is working in the local economy and striving to find his place in the world and my daughter is 2/3 of her way through her Sports Business and Management course at Winchester University and looking to take on the International world of Cycling.