WW1 Project – final event 16th June 2015

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The Mayor of Rotherham Cllr Maggie Clark and Commissioner Manzie arrive at   RCAT to be met by Lt Col Mac McPherson, Mike Webster and Mac McKenney.






The culmination of many months of work saw the end of the formal project work on our WW1 project about the people of Rotherham who were left at home after the troops departed for the trenches.  We have looked at several aspects; how the absence of the men changed the lives and lifestyles of the women, both at home and in the workplace.  How the towns industry developed to support the war effort was also featured predominantly.

Thanks are tendered to the Heritage Lottery Fund who have funded the project which will not only leave a lasting record of the research (see RCAT video and Wingfield pages in particular)which has been undertaken by some remarkable young students, but the equipment will allow continuing research work to be conducted and subsequently added to this project page.


I hope you will enjoy looking at these photos of our final celebration, either by looking for your own photo, or those of the cast who performed so brilliantly.



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Sea Cadets and Air Training Corps provide Guard of Honour for the arrival of guests


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    The Band of the South Yorkshire Police, under the direction of Leigh Baker





_MG_9967   _MG_0059  Opening and closing address from Col Mac and the Mayor

_MG_0023   Presentation of awards to students of Wingfield Academy, for their outstanding contribution to the WW1 project…


 …and the team from RCAT Media

Some of the Wingfield performers – who did so well!

_MG_9973  _MG_9976

_MG_9986  _MG_9983

   A full house, very much appreciated and enjoyed by some proud parents and supporters

_MG_0033   IMG_0057 IMG_0058  Presentations to Becki Travis and Sara Hall, from Wingfield and RCAT…


_MG_0037 … and Karen Castle who led the media team

_MG_0078 _MG_0081  After performance buffet seemed popular…


Two Ex Horse Gunners – on time , on target – either one but you can’t have both!






Cool crew from the media department…


Cllr Kath Simms, Christine Majer and Mr Clark in debate


Mike Webster & Mac McKenney in conversation with the Mayor


Thanks to HLF, RCAT Media team, Wingfield Academy and the hundreds of students who have been involved in this project.           See the whole event on video at http://youtu.be/VRUw9IKEgK8