Civvy Street

Civvy Street is the Royal British Legion’s employment service. We assist serving and ex-Service personnel and their families prepare for employment to succeed in civilian life.

Help for Heroes Band of Brothers

The Band of Brothers offer a listening ear, support and fellowship to our Heroes and their families. Open to both Male and female members, the Band of Brothers provides life-long support to those with a career limiting/ending injury or illness attributable to service and the Band of Sisters provides life-long support to their loved ones. Members can receive welfare holiday and so much more donated by the very supportive public.

We enable our members to participate in a wide range of new and exciting activities in a fun and supportive environment. (Source: H4H Band of Brothers, 2015

Help for Heroes Band of Sisters

The help for Heroes band of Sisters network is open to loved ones, both male and female, who care for those who have sustained career limiting/ending injuries or illness during or attributable to service. As a member, you will have the chance to get in touch with other people who understand what it is like to care for their nearest and dearest, giving you the opportunity to support each other through the days ahead. Members of the Band of Sisters network receive the same financial and welfare support that Help for heroes offers through the Quick Reaction Fund, but in addition have opportunities to take up offers donated to us by the very supportive public.

Haig Housing

UK provider of rental housing for ex-Service people.

Help for Heroes Hidden Wounds

H4H Hidden Wounds is open to veterans, their families and the families of those who are serving. Our new psychological wellbeing service, H4H Hidden Wounds, can help with many of these problems and is here to get you back to enjoying everyday life again.

Big White Wall

Online mental wellbeing support 24/7. It’s safe, anonymous and has Wall Guides (counsellors) available 24/7. This service is free to serving personnel, veterans and their families. (Sources: Big White Wall, 2015)

Yorkshire & the Humber – Veterans Outreach Service

The service provides a first point of contact for people aged 18 and over and is available to anyone who has completed one day’s service more with the British Military, is a Reservist not currently deployed or is a family member of military personnel.

First Step

First Step in Cumbria is currently developing its services for military veterans who have served in the regular and reserve armed forces.

NHS Healthcare for Veterans

“From 1 January 2008, all veterans should receive priority access to NHS secondary care for any conditions which are likely to be related to their service, subject to the clinical needs of all patients.”

The current NHS Operating Framework states “The existing arrangements for giving priority access to veterans for service-related conditions, subject to clinical need, is an issue that all PCTs and providers should now be delivering for all referrals.” (Source: NHS Choices, 2015)