Veterans Outreach Connection – Project Launch

The new outreach vehicle

After 8 months of planning, preparation and effort the Veterans Outreach Connection was officially launched on the 25th May as scheduled. The new vehicle and trailer were set up at Rotherham Town Hall for people to view and the Mayor of Rotherham, Alan Buckley to officially confirm its availability for use by the Local Authorities, Military Charities and Military Associations.

The vehicle and trailer will visit communities, local residents, veterans and their families across South Yorkshire to ensure they are better informed with regards to information and service provision. Whilst this will ensure there is an improvement of co-ordination of support services it will also engage with those veterans who are lonely and isolated and require support for their mental health and wellbeing.

This is a South Yorkshire wide project and the project will span across all four local authorities, support for transporting the vehicle and trailer to locations will be provided by trained volunteers who are all veterans.

Project launch at Rotherham Town Hall.









To ensure the project is being delivered effectively the following will be implemented over the next few months;

• Provide ongoing support and direction for the volunteers to ensure their continued involvement.
• Review the project systems to ensure the project is being delivered effectively.
• Practical measures are being carried out to ensure the vehicle and trailers are both available when requested.
• Monitor overall project performance and introduce control measures or changes to systems if needed.
• Monitor ongoing costs in line with funding provided.
• Capture data and provide updates/reports to the relevant people or organisations.

Finally, a huge thank you to the Mayor of Rotherham, the Lord Lieutenant, Rotherham MP Sarah Champion, RMBC and all guests who took the time to support the launch, the project can now be delivered for the benefit of all our veterans and their families across South Yorkshire, commencing on the 2nd of May for DMBC at the Tour De Yorkshire event in Doncaster. 

For information on how to book the resources please have a look at the relevant page on this website or contact the Project Manager