Summer Newsletter

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Summer Newsletter & Invitation to Visit

The summer has been both busy and productive for the MCVC. We have provided support and signposting advice to hundreds of ex-service men and women and their dependants.  Our volunteers have been involved in a wide range of activities and our drop in meetings have continued to thrive.  The MCVC is now established and we have developed links with many SME’s and service providers which has enabled our team to resolve the miriad and wide ranging questions, problems and enquiries our service users present to us.

We have been busy with the management of several grants in aid of our ‘vets’, the details of these can be found on our overhauled website  why not have a quick look when you get the chance.  It has been a significant help in getting our message across. We have also signposted our ‘prefered partners’ in line with our desire to keep local and where we can recirculate charitable grants into other charities where possible.

Whilst I hope you will see all we do on the website, I would like to highlight a few notable events.  We concluded the Heritage Lottery Fund WW1 project in RCAT in June.  Wingfield Academy and RCAT Media Dept did a magnificent job leaving a permanent record of their work which can be seen (and added to) on the website.  The Mayors charity also presented the MCVC a significant cheque as one of the mayors charities.  This was fantastic and we are grateful to RMBC for their continuing support and encouragement which is both valuable and appreciated.  Finally and most recently we had the pleasure of attracting support from NCS – a brilliant group of young people who provided an astonishing amount of support over two weeks of directed effort!  A re design of our outreach trailer, the distribution of information around town and raising £1,000!  They were great fun and provided a reminder on the range of brilliant, cheerful and innovative young people we have in Rotherham.

We sadly bid farewell to Shaun Lyons, who has been replaced with Mac McKenney as our chairman of the drop in group.  Typically, Mac has taken on much more than we expected!  Revamping our outreach activity which is so imperative to our work, he has set up and runs our breakfast club and has been an impressive addition to the exec group.  The trustees are now led by Mike Webster who is seeking ways in which the trustee board can best support our outputs.

In short, we have been well occupied and have some innovative plans to work in collaboration with other local charities, and to undertake more work for those who have served and are now in need of support.  In particular we hope to develop a veterans befriending service.

Finally I would like to extend an invitation to come and see what we are doing.  We meet at VAR every Friday between 10-1200.  We would welcome you warmly and I am sure our members would be pleased to hear what it is you are up to.  You may feel more relaxed at our breakfast club, the details of which are on the website.

We are working hard to make a difference to peoples lives, we do so out of our continuing ethos of “service before self”, helping those who have served our country with such pride.  Your support has been welcome and gratefully received.

Thank you all very much.