Sri Lanka – a Memorial service

The MCVC have been asked to circulate the following information regarding a memorial service to honour the victims of recent terrorist attacks

Dear Friends

In light of the recent terrorists attacks Sri Lanka, we would like to organise a Memorial service to honour those who lost their lives or were injured or bereaved or deeply affected by these evil acts.

We also remember those from other nations around the world, other religious groups and people groups who have been the victims of terrorism and hate crimes, in recent months.

The details of the memorial service are as follows:

Tuesday 30th April at 11am at Liberty Church Rotherham

10:45     Arrive at Liberty Church (Station Rd, Rotherham, S60 1JH)

11:00     Memorial Service led by Pastor Rose Flora and Pastor Adrian Dexter

Contributions from Sri Lankan Community

Contributions from Faith and Community Leaders

Contributions from Other invited guests

Service to be held in English and Tamil

11:30     Service ends

A Collection will be taken to support those suffering as a result of these terrible attacks.