Sheffield Sea Cadets and Royal Marines Cadets looking for help ….

Sheffield Sea Cadets and Royal Marines Cadets are looking for your help. We don’t see Remembrance Day being anything like normal, but that is not a reason for it not to be amazing and fitting.

We need to light up our building with plastic Poppies. See the link below and need around 600 of them, so get your kids busy and save all your pop bottles.

We are also ordering battery tea lights and we want this field filled with memorials for people who are no longer with us. No matter what conflict, no matter if they died in conflict or after. If you want to remember them send us your memorial. (Also available from us). This will be lit for five days over Armistice week. So pop over and see it, get photos and show your friends.

Can we fill this wall with Poppies and this field with light?

We will also be creating a Remembrance Day video, if you want a dedication send a photo of the person you are dedicating a memorial with their name on the religious symbol. Send to:

Send your Poppies and memorials to.

  1. Sheffield Sea Cadets
    279 Rutland Road
    Sheffield, S3 9PZ