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Keeping Families in Mind
This is a new and innovative service from
Sheffield Mind, funded by the MoD, aimed at
providing therapeutic support to the families of
military personnel. This service supports
people with family members currently serving
in the armed forces, people with family
members in the reserves and people whose
family members have left the military in the
last 6 months.
This could be support for significant, stressful
events arising from the deployment of a loved
one, dealing with the uncertainty when they
are away or adjusting to and managing the
challenges that can arise when they return
following a period of deployment.
We also appreciate that family life carries on
regardless and that this can bring its own
stresses and challenges. We can support here
too, providing an opportunity to talk about the
day to day pressures and how military life
impacts on domestic routine.
The service is available to the families of
personnel from all branches of the armed
Who We Will Support
Family Members
Our service is available to family members
over the age of 18 years. The only
requirement is that they are related to a
currently serving member of the armed forces
We know how important families can be in
supporting one another and how the impact of
life in the military can be felt throughout.
Living in South Yorkshire
We will support family members living in
South Yorkshire regardless of where their
relative in the armed forces may be stationed,
from or currently living.
Keeping Families in Mind
Keeping Families in MindKeeping Families in Mind
Keeping Families in Mind
is an independent,
unaffiliated service.
We believe
We believeWe believe
We believe people benefit from the
opportunity to express themselves freely and
without judgement and can support them to do
We aim
We aimWe aim
We aim to provide advice and support to help
relatives cope with, or adjust to, military life
by building resilience and confidence.
“We believe that families can be best able to
support one another, including their serving
members, if they themselves are able to access
the help and support they need.”
Our Offer
One-to-one counselling
We offer the opportunity for family members
to access free confidential counselling from a
qualified (BACP registered) therapist.
The service will be flexible in its delivery – we
can visit people in their home, in nearby
community venues or see them at our offices
in Sharrow, Sheffield.
Supportive groups
We operate easy-to-access groups to reduce
people’s isolation and to provide them with a
place in which they are able to share their
experiences. Our support groups will
encourage ongoing peer support and will
provide people with the space to talk and be
heard as well as to listen and share with
Our support group is held once a month.
Please contact us or check our social media
for more information.
Our service is independent of the armed