Adrian Hunt (Branch Secretary, South Yorkshire SSAFA wish to draw your attention to an incident that happened recently in West Yorks.  Please circulate to your volunteers for situational awareness.  Updates to follow.

I can confirm that we do not have door to door people collecting on behalf of SSAFA The Armed Forces Charity in West Yorkshire. You were quite correct to take the action you have and I will forward you message to Central Office,so that they are aware of the situation.

Victoria Castle,

This lunch time  two young men knocked on my door…they said ” we aren’t ex offenders we are ex service men..they were having trouble finding work…and they said SSAFA.. got them a job selling goods from Lakeland …my first husband was in the army and I was sure SSAFA did not operate like that…they had IDs one even said he was discharged with PTSD..I declined their goods …I have informed West Yorkshire  police who took a description of them…I have one of those ring door bells that takes videos ..
I was concerned if they go to some one who is more vulnerable  what they would do.
My name is Mary castle I live in Bramham ..
I find it awful that they go round pretending to be ex service personal .
I hope the information I have given is useful .
Yours sincerely
V M Castle