On Friday 19th January was approached by one of the veterans Craig Cunningham at the ‘Drop In’ discussed on friday in relation to having a Collage board / Archive phortographs for the MCVC at the drop in.  The story unfolded at the breakfast club meeting on Saturday 13th January 2018, the new member Keith Redfern, an ex tank transporter, along with Mark and myself came to the conclusion that it would be a great idea to present a board of some description for all members to “Dig Out” an old, archive photograph of oneself.

This would allow all participants to place their chosen photograph of their service history in any format they wish. Has we all share a military service, I believe it would be beneficial to share it pictorially !

No requirement for a speech, purely for interest purposes and maybe a GuessWho, depending on the nature of the photograph submitted by the member.

Will have a further discussion on how we go forward with this idea.