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We would like to offer you our latest offer of No Cost Online Certified Courses Available Now in England and Scotland!

The courses we offer are government-funded, which means they are available at no cost to you and will help you develop your knowledge and skills at your own pace, in your own home within approximately 20 – 30 hours or around 4 to 12 weeks.

The top 10-course choice this month:

1. Mental Health
2. Event Planning
3. I.T User Skills
4. Principles for Digital Skills
5. Understanding Autism
6. Allergy Awareness
7. Bullying in Children and Young People
8. Safe Handling of Medication
9. Dementia Care
10. Children and Young People’s Mental Health

These courses are all available FREE! Yes totally free!

To be eligible, you just need to be:

• Over 19 as of the 31st of August, 2021
• Living in Scotland or England
• Not on an Apprenticeship

Visit to enrol today or call our friendly team on 01226 958 888 to find out more.

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