Military Wives Research …..

To whom it may concern …

Please accept my apologies for emailing everyone together.  I am helping to raise awareness of research being conducted into loneliness and social isolation of widows and widowers of military personnel and veterans.
The research is a collaboration with Northumbria University, the Forces in Mind Trust and War Widows Association.
There are two parts to the research, a brief survey being the quantitative piece which will be followed up with a qualitative piece later this year.
I wondered if you could be extremely kind and help us to raise awareness of the survey on social media and, where possible, directly to your members.  As is the case with all research, the more participants we can include the better informed we will all be to support this group.
Hard copies can also be posted out if required.
The deadline is the 30th June.  This is a final push!

With many thanks in advance,

Nicholas Harrison