MCVC & RUCST ‘Rotherham Friends Together’ Project

On Friday 18th January the MCVC welcomed the Rotherham United Community Sports Trust (RUCST) team led by Jamie Noble the Head of Community RUSCT, Zanib Rasool MBE,  (Partnership Manager) Mariam Shah (Community Development) and Emma Schofield (RUCST Health Officer).  Joining us all and adding valuable support was the Mayor of Rotherham Cllr Alan Buckley and the lady mayor.

The aim of this event was to celebrate the culmination of a significant project which RUCST and MCVC collaborated in the Rotherham Friends Together Project.

MCVC members with the RUCST Team, Mayor of Rotherham and Cllr Alam at the Rotherham Friends Together project celebration.

Rotherham Friends Together project

In 2017, Military Community Veterans Centre (MCVC) in partnership with Rotherham United Community Sports Trust (RUCST) and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) were successful in securing MoD funding to deliver a project on community integration which would include delivery of local services.

The overall aim of the project was to increase social cohesion by bringing the armed forces veterans together with other diverse communities in Rotherham. This was achieved through activities that helped build positive relationships, improved physical, emotional and social wellbeing, to help combat isolation and loneliness often faced by veterans and their families.

Links were made between the military veterans and the wider community via activities and events. This created opportunities for people to meet, interact and break down barriers. A range of activities were delivered to promote community integration through culture, art and sport.

As well as improving health and wellbeing, the project has successfully forged partnerships and community collaborations. This booklet has been created as a tangible memory dedicated to all the veterans of MCVC for their selfless service to their country. The impact of this project has made a significant contribution in bringing a range of groups and cultures together, thereby significantly enhancing mutual understanding, respect and tolerance of the different communities who call Rotherham their home. It demonstrates that communities are stronger together and have more in common than they think.

The superb booklet produced by Mariam Shah Chair of ‘One Voice’ in collaboration with veterans from the MCVC

Lt Col Mac Mcpherson MBE, the Chairman of the MCVC Trustee Board made the following statement:

“It has been nothing short of remarkable to watch this project flourish. It has been a resounding success and very enjoyable to be involved in the several activities which has brought the veterans community into contact with so many people who we would not have got to meet and become friends with.

Many of the activities are recorded in this booklet. However, the real lasting impact has been developing an awareness of other cultures, building, growing friendships and having some fun along the way. This will be a bridge to those who we may never have been fortunate enough to meet. It will lead to stronger relationships and a great pathway into the veterans taking an active role in the National Inter-Faith week in November 2018. I would like to thank Rotherham United Community Sports Trust for their support and involvement, which has been magnificent. In particular and on behalf of all the veterans who have taken part in this program, I would like to extend our thanks to Zanib Rasool MBE (Partnerships Manager RUCST) and her team who have invested significant time, thought and consideration to supporting veterans.  We are extremely grateful to you all.”

Jamie Noble presenting a RUCST plaque to Colonel Mac to recognise the close collaboration between RUCST and the MCVC.  Present are the mayor of Rotherham, Cllr Alan Buckley and his good lady wife.


If you have served in HM Forces in any capacity you are welcome at the MCVC.  Why not call in and see what other projects and events are happening?  Or just call in for a brew and some banter with like minded people from across the service community. You will be made very welcome.