MCVC Breakfast Club End Of Year Lunch

A full house for the MCVC Breakfast Club End of Year Lunch
Firstly I personally want to thank everyone who came for the lunch and to Sharonj Lee and Josh Lee for their help.
I also want to thank Michael, Elise and the chef’s for their efforts in making the day go smoothly.
However I feel there is a bit of favouritism going on as Josh was given a heart shaped Yorkshire Pudding with a little sausage( now we know why he has the nickname “little sausage” ) by Stacey, also Brian Hair got a nice surprise by getting a belated birthday kiss and gift from Michelle
A warm welcome was given to Kingsley and Hilda and a huge thank you to Andrewfor being their chauffer for the day.
A good time was had by everyone, plenty of banter during which we held a small raffle, which raised about £57 for the MCVC. Final figure to be confirmed.


The first Breakfast Club of 2019 is Saturday 12th this is also a bit special as the breakfast will be paid for by Ann Savage from the Rotherham Market. If you are wanting to come, can you please let me know so that I can inform the Toby Carvery with approx. numbers attending.