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Friday 19 Febuary 2021

Residents Bulletin

Due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we are providing regular email updates to let you know about the latest information we have on local and national measures to contain the virus, any changes to local services and support that’s available.

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Infections graph for 19 Feb 2021 bulletin

The number of new cases in Rotherham, with the proportion of ‘new variant’ cases shown in yellow

Stay at home message more important than ever

The number of people being infected with coronavirus in Rotherham remains stubbornly constant, despite significant reductions in many other parts of the country.

A further 586 people from our borough tested positive during the latest seven-day reporting period (up to 13th February), which is five more than the previous week.

As the above graph shows, the newer ‘Kent variant’, which spreads quicker and more easily than the original strain of the virus, now accounts for virtually all the new cases in Rotherham.

The infection rate for the same period now stands at 220.8 cases per 100,000 population. For people aged 60 years and over the rate is 133.3 cases per 100,000 population, which is also shows little change from the last week.

The latest covid infection rate data is available here.

The virus continues to spread widely in working-age adults, who are now being urged to get tested for coronavirus when displaying a wider variety of symptoms (see below).

Do the basics right

Please don’t think that just because the progress of rolling out the vaccine is going well that we can start to forget about the guidance and the steps we can all take to keep ourselves and each other safe. Remember:

  • Stay at home as much as possible and work from home if you can
  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Keep your face covered in public areas and give others space
  • Do not mix with people from other households

More working-age people urged to get tested

Got symptoms

As a precaution, the Council is advising people who are of working age and who are still attending a workplace to book a COVID-19 test if they are showing a wider range of symptoms.

As well as the usual symptoms of a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or if you’ve lost your sense of smell or taste or it’s changed, you should now also book a COVID-19 test if you are displaying any of the following: 

  • headaches 
  • aches and pains 
  • feeling very tired for no good reason 
  • sore throat 
  • runny nose
  • sneezing
  • tummy ache in children 

If you have one or more of these symptoms, you should book a test. You can book a free COVID test here.

When completing the form, you will be asked “Why are you getting tested?” – please select the following option: “My local council or health protection team has asked me (or someone I live with) to get a test, even though I do not have symptoms.” 

VIDEO: Front line workers getting tested to keep you safe

LFT site Riverside video still

Front line Council workers who come into contact with vulnerable people through their job and taxi drivers are amongst those being tested regularly for Covid-19.

Click here to view our video, which takes you inside the testing facility at Riverside House in Rotherham and explains how the process works.

Hope Fields

An artists impression of Hope Fields at Thrybergh Country Park

Tribute to victims of Covid-19 and those fighting the virus

A living memorial to honour victims of COVID-19 and those who fought the virus is to open at Thrybergh Country Park.

It has been designed in consultation with communities across the borough as a tribute to people who lost their lives, and those who were part of the response and recovery.

Hope Fields will continue to be shaped by local people as it develops, providing a space where they can contemplate, heal, celebrate loved ones’ lives and look forward.

From now until 3 March 2021, Rotherham residents are being invited to share ideas for green tributes and activities that they would like to contribute to, via a discussion on the Council’s Facebook events page. Take part in the Facebook consultation here.

How do we self-isolate if I test positive?

Self isolation explained

Public Health England has produced a simple guide for you and your family about how to self-isolate if you are showing symptoms and/or test positive.

Click on the image to download a full-size version (PDF).

You need to self-isolate from the day the first
person in your household started symptoms
and for the next 10 full days. If they did not
have symptoms, self-isolate from the day of
their test and for the next 10 full days.

Self isolate means that you must not go to work, school, or public areas and do not use public transport or taxis. Only leave your home to get to your test if you need to, observe strict social distancing advice and return immediately afterwards.

View detailed guidance about self-isolation on the Government’s website.

Self isolation payments

Financial support to self-isolate

Lost earnings are a big concern for many people if they test positive for COVID-19 but nobody should feel that they can’t self-isolate for financial reasons.

There are a range of financial support options that may be available to you if you need to self-isolate, including a local payments scheme provided by the Council, for people that fall outside the Government’s national scheme.

See the Council website for information.

Vaccination roll-out continues

More and more people are getting their COVID-19 vaccine across Rotherham, but there is still a long way to go before everyone is protected from the virus.  

Even if you’ve had your vaccination, you must continue to follow the social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering when you are out in public. This is because you could still carry the virus and pass it onto someone who is waiting for their vaccine.  

Help protect your friends and family members by not visiting them. We know that it’s difficult but it’s the only way we can stop the spread of COVID-19.

Get the latest information about vaccinations here.

Latest update from Rotherham Hospital

NHS Thank you message

The number of inpatients being treated for Covid-19 in Rotherham Hospital has seen another very slight fall this week.

On Wednesday the number of Covid inpatients being cared for at the hospital was 70, a reduction from 72 inpatients last week.

Six patients were in critical care.