International Restorative Justice Week 2020

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International Restorative Justice Week 2020

International Restorative Justice Week – who are Restorative South Yorkshire?

**Shared on behalf of Restorative South Yorkshire**

In South Yorkshire, we have a dedicated service for the delivery of restorative justice called Restorative South Yorkshire, which is run by the charity Remedi.

Remedi has over 24 years’ expertise in delivering restorative justice and support for victims.

Restorative justice is used in appropriate circumstances to offer victims of crime an opportunity to communicate, whether directly or indirectly, with the perpetrator of the offence.

This can be a face-to-face meeting, a conversation via telephone or video call, or the exchange of letters. Restorative justice can also sometimes include the offender making some kind of reparation for their crime, whether that’s repairing or paying for damage.

It gives victims of crime an opportunity to express the impact a crime has had upon them, to have their voice heard and receive some closure. For perpetrators, engaging in restorative justice demonstrates to them the real human impact of their crimes, and can lead to a reduction in re-offending.

The process is entirely voluntary and victim-led, and if a victim does decide to meet with the perpetrator, this is done in a safe environment with a trained RJ practitioner.

There are some excellent case studies highlighting the real benefits of restorative justice available on the Restorative South Yorkshire website –

Temporary Chief Superintendent Steve Chapman, force lead for victim care, said: “This week marks International Restorative Justice week and we work really closely with Remedi here in South Yorkshire to provide a supportive environment for victims to feel empowered.

“Restorative justice isn’t appropriate in all cases, but it can be an incredibly effective and powerful experience for those involved.

“It’s a pleasure to work alongside this charity as they deliver some excellent work for the communities in South Yorkshire.”

Nicola Bancroft, Assistant Director of Remedi, said: “Remedi are proud to deliver a range of Restorative Services in both the youth and adult criminal justice system, in schools, social care settings, communities and within families across South Yorkshire.

“We are committed to working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and wider partners to support people to be the people they can and want to be.

“Restorative South Yorkshire is a dedicated hub funded by the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and Community Rehabilitation Company, which provides one central point of contact for partner agencies and members of the public to enquire about restorative justice.

“Restorative justice can be extremely powerful and can be facilitated in a wide range of offence types at different stages within the criminal justice system. If you have any questions, please do contact us at the Restorative South Yorkshire hub. Contacting Remedi to explore RJ does not commit you to taking part.”

Find out more on the Restorative South Yorkshire website –

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