The Dry Stone Walling Association is offering the opportunity to train for a new career in the traditional craft of dry stone walling. With support from Heritage Lottery Fund Skills for the Future programme, a National Training Bursary Project has been launched. Our new project is very exciting as we plan to offer 8 young people a 12 month Training Bursary that will equip them with the skills to make a fresh start with a career in dry stone walling.

What is on offer?

We are looking for 8 enthusiastic trainees from throughout the UK, who are keen to
follow a career in dry stone walling. The 12 month training bursary offers opportunities to
train with professional dry stone wallers and gain qualifications up to Intermediate level, which will prepare them for a new and exciting career.

  •   Trainees will complete a 12 month placement programme with professional dry stone wallers and will ideally work with a range of professionals, to broaden their experience. Each trainee will benefit from the transfer of knowledge and training offered by the professional dry stone wallers in a work based environment.
  •   Lantra Accredited dry stone walling qualifications at Initial / Level 1 and Intermediate / Level 2 will be attained. Additional residential training courses will be provided in preparation for taking qualifications
  •   Additional training offered in health & safety, first aid, business management.
  •   Special projects and conservation work available
  •   Trainees will complete workbooks and a portfolio of work to supplement their practical skills
  •   Trainees will be expected to complete 35 hours training per week and complete a daily record of theirtraining time.
  •   Trainees will receive a grant of £60 for every day of training completed.
  •   Trainees will be responsible for their own transport to the placement provider’s worksite. Travel costs, upto a maximum of 100 miles per day, are the responsibility of the trainee. Travel / accommodation for journeys over 100 miles per day will need to be authorised by the Project Manager.

    Check out YouTube links for more information.:

    https://youtu.be/GVZnkYZl9Wg and https://youtu.be/iJ-Dg0B1CKg

    Further information and application forms available from the DSWA Training & Education Coordinator: Email training@dswa.org.uk Tel: 015395 67953
    Closing date for Training Bursary Applications: 7th May 2018
    Applications to be sent to Dry Stone Walling Association, Lane Farm, Crooklands,

    Milnthorpe, Cumbria, LA7 7NH

Dry Stone Walling Association www.dswa.org.uk February 2018