High Sheriff awards South Yorkshire

Today marked a special day for the MCVC and its members as they held their annual AGM meeting. This meeting was held at the Silverwood in Dalton Rotherham.

The room was full and attended by plenty of members. This was a great opportunity for the High Sheriff who was in attendance to hand out 2 very special awards.

A big congratulations to everyone at the MCVC who were awarded a certificate for appreciation of the residents of South Yorkshire for enhancing the lives of those we seek to benefit by our own deeds.

A 2nd big congratulations to our Executive Chair Ian Jones who was awarded a certificate for his great and valuable service he has given to the community.

3rdly a heart warming gesture from some of our members to our Hidden faces manager, who is now our Honorary Veteran for her amazing work with MCVC and the Hidden Faces project. At Casting Innovations they crafted an excellently made plaque to commemorate this for Christine Bradley to now be classed as an Honorary Veteran.

A massive well done to all!