Deep Background: an ‘online first aid kit’ for journalist mental health


Introducing Deep Background, from a rather bracing spot in my local park
Hello everyone; I hope you’re having a great start to 2019.

As an extension of my Deep Work online course, aimed at supporting people with depression, I’ve created a shorter, free version tailored specifically for journalists (though anybody is of course welcome to watch it).

I imagine it as a kind of ‘online first aid kit’: the videos are certainly not aiming to ‘cure’ anybody of anything, but I hope they will show any media colleagues who are going through something that they are in impeccable company. I’ve walked this path a few times in the past, and have been fortunate enough to find the right support to grasp the bigger picture behind my experiences.

In the videos, I explain why so often what seems like a crisis is really an invitation to explore new ways of being in the world. It’s so easy to feel like a ‘failure’ when you’re in the depths, but I’ve found that working through this process has ultimately transformed my approach to journalism. You can access it here.

The whole thing runs at 40 minutes and is divided into eight short talks called:

1. Talking about our dark stuff.(3:20)
2. Take it from me: You’re in superb company. (3:54)
3. The tyranny of the inner journalist. (5:21)
4. Start from where you are. (4:06)
5. Reach out. (5:38)
6. Give yourself an actual break. (3:37)
7. A crisis is a green light to explore new ways of being. (5:18)
8. Find the right support (8:42).
9. Resources (this section is text, not video).

As always, please feel free to forward this to anyone who you think might be interested.

Wishing you a wonderful year ahead, and looking forward to being in touch again soon,