Computer Training Coming to the MCVC!

The MCVC has been fortunate to attract grant funding from the National Lottery Communities Fund to purchase several palm top computers with a view to delivering  instruction to those ‘Silver surfers’ who feel they need a bit of a brush up on their IT skills.

The course is titled ‘Liberating the Digitally Isolated’ and will help veterans and their families who have lost some confidence with computers become skilled and proficient.   The course will be in small groups and cover operating the palm tops, sending and receiving emails and using search engines.  It will be conducted at a nice steady pace and nobody will be left behind.

Certificates of merit will be awarded at the end of the course.

The dates, times and location of this course has not been finalised, but I encourage individuals to register your interest with a committee member as interest is expected to be high.  If needed we can run a number of courses – no one will miss out!

Watch this space for more detail quite soon.