Colonel Mac attends Care after Combat Newark office opening – 6th April

Mac & JD

On 6th April the Newark office of the veterans charity Care After Combat (  was officially opened in Newark.  Lt Col McPherson was invited to attend to chat about the work MCVC are doing in our own local community in general, and the support we provide to those recently released from custody (VIC’s).  In addition to the local MP Robert Jenrick, the local Bishop and High sheriff, there were several local service charitable organisations.  In particular the Newark Patriotic Fund, and locally based charity which looks after injured ex-service personnel (for those interested look at ) It is hoped that they may visit one of our Drop In meetings at some point soon and explore some ways of collaborative working and mutual support.  Also great to make contact with the Newark office manager and once again chat about how we do things for our veteran community; he live in Thorne, so again I hope we can welcome him to one of our meetings very soon.  Finally on the meet and greet – it was great fun to meet Jim Davidson again.  The initial meeting was in the Royal Box at Sandown when we had a few minutes to chat in peace, which led to the meeting today.  Jim works very had on behalf of veterans and is a real enthusiast, much of which is infectious.  

Col Mac has agreed to meet ‘Goose’ a CaC Trustee who will manage the prison inreach activity in the coming weeks to see if we can support each other in the work we do in prison, and the transition back into communities.  This is a significant step forward and welcome recognition that what we do is having an effect and being notes at a level far greater than we may have anticipated.  In short what MCVC do, and the way in which we do it has attracted attention and support.  well done to all those involved in making the MCVC a beacon for what can be done, for so little by so few!

Some photographs of the event will be circulated at some point and appear on the website.