Breakfast Club 26th Jan

A good turnout with some new faces, a very warm welcome to John Moran (ex RCT), Ian Davidson (ex REME) and Ben Tune (ex Coldstream Guards) all of them looking forward to the next breakfast club in two weeks. We also had a welcome return from 4 members of the Yorkshire Vols Assoc. They all entered as strangers but soon joined in with the banter and left with many new friends.
Bryan Hair kept those on his table in stitches with many tales of his time in the RAMC. Martin Smith was attempting (without much success) to be camera shy!! As for Gary Toseland, well he was caught on camera being on his usual “good” behaviour (not). Just wait until the Diane sees the photo!!
As the new members were leaving I received messages of well done, had a brilliant time and compliments to the chef for a fantastic breakfast. I did manage to speak to the chef to pass on the compliments and his reply was “thank you, by the way I’m ex Navy and it’s a pleasure to see you veterans enjoying themselves and the food.”
Thanks to Michael and the staff at the Toby Carvery for the excellent service and food.

There isa few more photo’s in the Gallery.