Beware Mobile phone Scam ….

Mobile Phone Scam
South Yorkshire Police would like to warn members of the public of a new scam involving mobile phones. The MO (Modus Operandi) is where the offenders have obtained the victims personal details and have then taken out a phone contract in their name so that an expensive phone is sent to the victim’s home address. After this a fake delivery driver who may be dressed in well known courier clothing attends to collect the phone which results in the victim being charged for the phone.
Should you receive a package through the post and discover a phone that you have not ordered, contact the phone provider at the earliest opportunity and advise them of the scam and arrange to send the phone back. After this please contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or report online at”””target=”_blank”>””target=”_blank”>””target=”_blank”>”target=”_blank”>””target=”_blank”>”target=”_blank”>”target=”_blank”> 
If a courier should then attend at your address to collect the phone, politely say that nothing has been delivered to your property and close the door. Should you have cctv and are able to safely obtain the vehicle/driver details or doorbell camera imagery, please contact 101 and report the incident. 
Many thanks
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Andy Ireland (Police, PCSO, Central Doncaster)
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