Armed Forces Day – Refurbished Outreach Trailer


Armed Forces Day was a great opportunity to show the public our recently refurbished Outreach trailer.  The internal upgrade was designed and constructed by Hannaby Interiors who specialise in VW camper van interiors.  We are also grateful to our outreach team for their valuable input, in particular Dennis and Bill who are regular volunteers manning the trailer.  Hannaby Interiors in the shape of Lee and Michelle did a great job for the MCVC and the quality of the workmanship is clear for all to see.

The external graphics were produced by the graphics course from RCAT and they have made a striking difference with more information and some extremely thought provoking images.  A report on the awarding of prizes for the design work are available on other pages on this website, but thanks are offered once again to the whole team, staff and students for their support which is very much appreciated by all the veterans who volunteer to help others on the outreach trailer.  It is hoped the refurbishment will make the trailer more effective and efficient, but also by the striking design make it more noticeable not just when ‘on site’ but also whilst in transit.IMG_2228