A Statement from Chair of Trustees MCVC

Dear MCVC Members,

I trust you are well and enjoying the weather over the recent days?

Not good news I’m afraid as I was hoping to provide you with a date of our next meeting. In light of the revised Government guidelines it is highly unlikely we will get together before the New Year. This is not what I envisaged. I/we will continue to monitor the guidelines and any changes in our favour we will act accordingly. Prior to the re-commencement of our weekly gatherings there remains the need to speak with Silerwood Miners Resource Centre to understand their control measures, safety of us all is paramount.

South Yorkshire Breakfast Club – for our members who support this venture I am sure you will have sight of the email from Sharon & Mark. As the Chair of Trustee’s I cannot prevent you from attending, all I will say, do so with caution. If you do decide to attend then you do so as a VETERAN and not as an associate of MCVC. Be aware of individuals taking photos and them publishing on social media. The public are waiting to jump over the military/ military associations who blatantly disregard social distancing. The good name of the MCVC is key, I/we cannot allow the name to be tarnished in any way.

Summary of the guidelines – From the 14 Sep there will be a legal limit on the number of people who you do not live with you are able to meet. This will be enforceable by law and will apply both in/outdoor, and to all ages. This includes businesses such as pubs/restaurants. Business could also be fined for taking reservations of more than six, for not enforcing social distancing.

Many of you have remained safe through shielding and observing the Government’s guidelines, please, let’s keep it that way.

F – Face Coverings

A – Avoid crowded places

C- Clean your hands regularly

T – Two meter distance

S – Self isolate and book a test if you have symptoms

Take care and remain safe.



Major A Hunt DL

Chair of Trustee MCVC