How We Help

Casting Innovations
A space in the local area that utilizes the experience of its creator for veterans to meet up and gain
experience in different industrial manufacturing processes. This has been a creative space of its own
for many years and is now being utilized by veterans as a group once a week. Helping veterans learn
new skills and bringing them together weekly to work on personal projects.
Many members have been along to experience the learning offering provided by casting innovations.
Speaking highly of the experience and the opportunity to work in ways they have never before.
Opportunities like this are not always available and this has helped the MCVC and its members work
together and bring veterans together and build comradeship.

Barnsley Veteran

Recently a veteran has come across us at the MCVC needing support with finance and housing. Our
team worked with this individual helping them get the right help and support they need. Being from
South Yorkshire we could help them with a local charity “Help 4 Homeless Veterans”. They provided
help and support working with B and B for a stop gap whilst helping find a longer term solution for
this member.


Recently had a visit from a representative talking about the different types. Helping the members understand a few different types they may have heard of. Speaking about the impacts both health wise and how it affects our families. They spoke at the Drop in for all members to hear asking questions and being offered support.

DWP (Department Work and Pensions)

A member of the DWP came to the drop in to offer help and support for our members. They sat with a few of them to try and help them with any issues they are having. They also helped work with some members to make sure they are getting the help they need from the DWP.