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Mayors Invite

The Mayor of Rotherham has sent an invitation to Veterans to attend the Town Hall on the 5th April 2019.

On arrival at the Town Hall, the Mayor’s Officer will show the group to the Council Chamber for a welcome.  This will be followed by a tour of the building and refreshments in the John Smith Room, concluding at 11.30 a.m.

The MCVC will take this opportunity to visit, the Drop In at Silverwood on that day will be cancelled. Any Veterans wishing to attend should contact Ron Moffett via Email or in person at the MCVC Drop In by the 29thMarch 2019.

This will be the last time for Veterans to demonstrate our thanks to the Mayor for all his support to Veterans during his term in Office.



Date: Friday 5th April 2019
Start Time: 10:00
Finish Time: 11:30
Location: Town Hall, Rotherham
Contact Person: Ron Moffett